Director’s Message

Welcome to Junior DPS, I am delighted to welcome you to Junior DPS family. I hope to convey the passion and enthusiasm that both the staff and students bring to all that they do here, making Junior DPS such a wonderful place to learn.

As a school, we lay a strong focus on student’s academic progress and achievement.

I feel proud of the exceptional body of teaching staff we have engaging the students in a wide range of exciting learning opportunities.

The school provides ample opportunities for its pupils for their all round development. Apart from these, the school has a wide range of activities and events through which the students can expose their literary and artistic talents. The school provides a wide platform for its pupils to exalt their budding and hidden talents in various fields

Students are encouraged to participate in the extensive array of opportunities which exist beyond the classroom. Our excellent teamwork towards guiding every student and caring to ensure that their individual needs are met and student leaves Junior DPS accomplished in academic skill as well as become architects of lives that exceed expectations. I wish every children of Junior DPS “All the Best” in all their endeavors in the future.