About Junior DPS

Junior DPS is a highly acclaimed brand in the preschool sector of the nation. We are particularly known for our innovative pedagogy that offers a perfect blend of the contemporary approach and Indian values for the grooming of children. We take special care to ensure that the childhood of our tiny tots is beautified in every possible way. With the optimal use of the latest technology in our carefully carved vibrant and dynamic nurturing environment, we aim to make learning enjoyable and retainable to the greatest extent.

Our approach is to get along and connect with children on their very own level to help them learn and enhance their skills to the fullest. We have outlined our curriculum in a way that the children get to learn while they play. A plethora of fun activities keeps the process of learning engaging and interesting for the budding minds at Junior DPS.

Here, at Junior DPS, our key aim is to make each of our pupils learn something new and exciting every day, and go back home with nothing but huge smiles and a lot of happiness.

Why Choose Us

The curriculum at Junior DPS is aimed at nurturing, developing, and inspiring each child to enable them blossom to their truest potential. The best practices and methods of universally acclaimed pedagogies, such as, multiple intelligence, project method, eclectic approach, experiential learning, and play way form an important part of our curriculum.

We aim to carve a learning environment whereby every child is able to realize their unique talents, skills, and learning style. We want to bring about and establish a synergy of values, knowledge, and skills via our education impartation methodology so as to help each of our pupils tap into their inherent abilities.

Our vision for the program is to instill holistic values in the children to lead them from being young students to lifelong learners. We want to be the stepping stone in their path of future success, whereby, today’s children turn into tomorrow’s leaders.

We, at Junior DPS, are on a mission to offer our young ones with a culturally-sound environment where they can identify their innate potential via innovative yet powerful learning pedagogy and approaches, which have been created in accordance with the highest levels of linguistic, emotional, social, and other such developmental landmarks.

Ensuring holistic development of every child associated with us is the prime goal that we, at Junior DPS, have always focused on. Shaping up and nurturing childhood while understanding and enhancing the abilities and talents of the children is what Junior DPS is particularly known for. To stay true to our aim of delivering the kids with comprehensive, high-quality education, we have not only incorporated the finest of technology in our teaching pedagogy but have also adopted an experiential form of learning backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We, at Junior DPS, have been constantly working to deliver the young minds with a perfect blend of human values and skill development. We always strive to develop team spirit in our students through various team building exercises. Besides focusing on their academic know-how, we also aim at developing in them the appreciation for arts through music, dance, arts, and craft lessons. Due emphasis is given on the physical agility and growth of each of our students. We encourage innovation and uniqueness in the truest sense of the term and promote a well-rounded development of the distinctive young personalities in our campus.

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