Do you take your child’s success as your own?

What is success? Success is a material fact that every person in life strives to achieve. This whole world is running after success. Everyone wants to be successful in their lives. Success is the fulfillment of one’s goals that they have set for themselves in their lifetime to be achieved by them. But in reality, are we ever able to achieve what we desire? While running after success, we tend to forget our actual capabilities and talents and are swayed by the societal pressure of becoming successful in our lives. The same pressure got transferred to our children, who are the young, evolving future of our society, nation, and humankind. If the same tendencies are embodied in your child as well, then the success your child will achieve in due course of time would not be owned by the parents. Instead, it is owned by society because of societal pressure. Your child’s success is directly linked to the parental upbringing of your child. To your relief, Junior DPS, the best Play school in India, contemplating the exigency of the situation, has come up with a few pointers which will surely help you own your child's success collaboratively in their bright future.

Be a blessing, not Burden.

Let your child decide their fate. Success is finite, but knowledge is infinite. Don’t impose any specific goals upon your young ones to be achieved by them in the future. The goals set by you at such a young age will be a hindrance to their overall development. Instead, please provide them with ample opportunities to acquire as much knowledge as possible.   Every child is unique in themselves. Our five fingers of one hand are not identical. Similarly, every kid possesses a different talent. As a parent, you should give space to your child so that they can assess their abilities and write their own success story accordingly.

Success comes at the Cost of Failure.

Nothing in this world is achieved or accomplished overnight. Success entails time, extreme perseverance, and hard work. Behind every successful man, there rests a long list of failures they had undergone. Success is built on the grave of failures that a person climbs to achieve.

Parents should teach their kids the actual value of failure. Failure makes your children strong and assists them in instilling the confidence for rising again from the specks of dirt and accomplishing what they wish to desire. You should also train your kids to bear the weight of failure. Parents should console their children not to get disheartened upon encountering failure as it will open a new way to achieve success in life. Every failure will make them learn from their past mistakes and consistently improve their efficiency and determination to succeed.

Friendly environment

Parents play a vital role in establishing the healthy mental state of their kids. Unless and until your child’s mental condition is not good enough, he will not be able to succeed in life. The focus of parents should rest on making the home environment comfortable and healthy for their child's development. They should incorporate a friendly approach while dealing with them. Make your children your friends. Make them feel that they can share anything without any hesitation involved.

Here at Junior DPS also, we incorporate and profess a friendly and holistic environment for the all-inclusive development of your kid where they can find themselves in a comfortable position. Junior DPS facilitates students with vivid pre-school activities aimed at aiding them in unraveling their hidden talents so that they can pursue them in the future and make a success out of their inborn talent and excel in their chosen field.


Success is a journey that requires constant and selfless support from parents and teachers, which will consequently allow your child to earn a reputed name in the success list of successful persons. Junior DPS, the best preschool in India, advocates a policy and curriculum that does not burden students with any pressure; instead, it gives them full autonomy and freedom to enroll themselves in those activities that they enjoy the most. The rationale behind this thinking of Junior DPS is that the organization believes in carving the best out of the children. The pre-school train your kids in such a manner that it makes them excel in the field they have chosen based on their talent, thereby owning the success soon along with their parents and teachers as it is a collective effort.


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