Parenting in itself is a very mind boggling and a challenging role. Parents engage in several practices and strategies to bring up their children and incorporate a variety of techniques which come from their own experiences of how they have seen in their life. That becomes the sole basis of their hand at parenting and the most go to parenting technique.

As per the parenting styles proposed by Diana Baumrind, there are four parenting styles used by parents all around the globe which are Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive and uninvolved which are usually taking the aspect of control and expectations into consideration. The Authoritarian is an extremely strict parenting style. It places high expectations on children with little responsiveness while in authoritative, there is high-but reasonable and consistent- expectations. It is hence, considered the best of all. In permissive, there is no such control and expectations but a lot of support. The parents with uninvolved parenting style are both low in control, support and expectations. Looking For a Preschool Franchise In India

Now coming to the point of discussion, what is Social anxiety in children and how do we parent a socially anxious child? We may just need to see how children develop social anxiety and then the idea of managing and parenting it itself can be catered directly.

What factors are responsible for social anxiety in children?

Genetics, of course, takes the first position here. Also,parenting styles are responsible for the presence of social anxiety in children.Authoritarian parenting, which uses stern, harsh behaviour with children, can lead to moderately-high levels of anxiety and withdrawal.

It is always said that humans are social beings. We are here to socially interact and grow as a community together.But there are times and situations where several individuals have social anxiety. Social anxiety involves unexplained and intense fear of social situations, people and interactions. It is more than general fear and translates into big challenge for those who struggle with it. As children, who are always seen to be agile and explorative and socially active, those who have social anxiety, it makes them very fearful and interferes with their day to day life. These children struggle at friendships, are often seen as shy and reserved and difficult to manage. But, school going kids are supposed to involve themselves in various tasks and activities that the teacher plans for them.

There are various ways that parents use while parenting and handling the anxious child. Sometimes, we often ask our kids that thereis nothing to fear and face what your fear. That is fore mostly seen as a great advice but can negatively impact and further increase the anxiety amongst children. Other than this, parents reassure their kids a lot when they seem socially anxious by saying “it’s all going to be alright”. However, this statement hardly does any good to prevent or treat the child’s anxiety.It may ease them at that moment but not for a longer duration. Contrary to this, excessively being harsh with the child with social anxiety be it any ways or when their anxiety bothers the parent, it is clearly an unsupportive and threatening environment for the child. Also Check Preschool Activities At Home

Now, if we talk about what to do then, to parent the socially anxious child?

The very first step would accept the fact that the child is going through the problem of social anxiety. Helping the child to get in touch with a professional in case the social anxiety is making everyday life a difficult affair. The parents need to choose to go to a child specialist and learn some ways from them to cope up with the symptoms and help the child deal with the ongoing issue.

Also, the very first thing that any person can think of and is viable too is to be patient with the child. Both the school staff and the parents need to be in close contact with each other for the better care and development of the child. Junior DPS always considers parents as a great contributor in the child’s life and makes consistent efforts to involve them in the child’s life at school. Any issues are mutually tried to be dealt.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is the top psychotherapy for social anxiety disorder. It helps kids learn to manage their emotions and develop coping skills. As child’s parents and preschool staff is the first to notice and take into account some problem going on with the child, early diagnosis and Intervention becomes the main step of parenting the socially anxious child. From that time onwards, the child and the parent need to learn the ways to cope up effectively with Social anxiety and make careful efforts to manage it with the child’s therapist.

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