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Every child, when born, bring many hopes to the family. A child's birth is not just a biological process. It's equivalent to a festival for the parents of the newborn and brings the celebration to the family. Home is regarded as the first school of a child. The initial years of a child are spent within the ambit of love and affection of their parents and other family members until they reach 2-3 years. This is the period where the transition takes place for both the children and parents. They together enter into a new phase of their life. This is when for the first time, your child steps out of the threshold of the parents' abode and enters a unique preschool institution.


A preschool often referred to as a nursery school, pre-primary school, or playschool, is a type of educational facility that offers early childhood education to children before they begin primary school, which is required for all students. It can be managed in either a public or private capacity. Early childhood education, known as preschool, begins when the child has attained two years of age or more until a child starts primary school at the age of five, six, or seven (the period varies from country to country).

Junior DPS, the best play school in Delhi, takes utmost care of your child, knowing that your young kid has stepped outside the home for the first time and is now encountering the whole world alone, to be precise, encountering new fellows and teachers at preschool. As it will be all new to your child and Junior, DPS perceives the same and has equipped their staff with the required training to prevent any inconvenience caused to your child. If your child is an introvert in nature, Junior DPS has designed its curriculum so that your child becomes free to interact and have fun during preschool activities. Every teacher appointed is trained to give attention to every child in their capacity so that students have a friendly interaction with their teachers. Junior DPS never does anything, making your child overly conscious that they cannot speak in the first instance.

Change in Routine

When your child’s new journey in preschool begins, it substantially changes the daily routine of both parents and children. The prime lesson that preschool wishes to deliver and imbibe in your child is that of discipline. The first significant change will entail the shift in timings of your morning wake-ups. Parents will have an extra burden of preparing the student for school and the tiffin for recess time. In the initial years, parents have to put in their efforts, though, with time, they will dress themselves up as self-reliant. They will also experience many other changes. For instance, parents have to fix a time for taking their child back with them during dispersal, afternoon nap, completing homework, and sleeping a night to wake up early in the morning. 

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Interactive sessions with your child

Parents should have daily interactive sessions with their children once they reach home after completing the preschool activities. Parents should ensure their children feel free and comfortable sharing their everyday experiences with you. Parents should make their children their friends so they can garner confidence in speaking to you on any topic or sharing something with you without hesitation. Parents should also listen to their children's problems and teach them to find a solution to their problems and solve the same on their part. Give your kids friendship lessons and inspire them to make good friends in their school.

Parents’ teachers’ meetings

Junior DPS constantly forms a good communication network with the child's parents. Teachers at Junior DPS send a weekly report of the child's performance to the kid's parents, and there's a conduction of parents-teachers meeting fortnightly. This practice is incorporated so that parents know their child's performance. Subsequently, parents and teachers can work collectively on areas where the child's performance falls weak, and the child can have a 360-degree holistic development.


Home to preschool is a big transition for any child who has recently entered preschool. Junior DPS , the best preschool in Delhi, understands the condition and is standing hand in hand with parents to make their child grow with Junior DPS in his new life of preschool.


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