Preschool Activities at Home - At the time of covid, we have realized that not only school but home is also a place where a child grows and for this continuous growth we should be aware of the preschool activities they can do at home because preschool is the first stage of their life from where their learning starts.

We at Junior DPS understand this thing very well that these preschool activities at home are necessary, that's why we teach them those activities that they can easily do at their home.

Preschool Activities at Home- Preschoolers are always learning new things. They learn from the moment they wake up until they go to bed. Preschool explore and study their surrounding things mainly through playing activities! Parents and teachers can help children in exploring by providing a variety of objects to them through which they can create their preschool activities at home.

Simple Preschool Activities at Home that teachers can undertake in the classroom are also great for parents to do at home.

Now Let us Discuss The Types of Preschool Activities At Home -

Alphabet Activity for Preschoolers

Students are provided with stripes displaying several fonts in this activity. They are placed over dotted lines, and the children are taught to trace the dotted lines, allowing them to identify the alphabet more efficiently. We can easily find these strips at the market otherwise we can also make them at our home.

Math Activity for Preschoolers

Several shapes and figures are introduced to the children in this activity plan. The basic shapes of circle, square, rectangle, and triangle are gradually introduced to them. Anyone can do this activity at home by introducing various shapes of the different objects for example –the shape of television, refrigerator, mobile and chair, etc.Looking For a Preschool Franchise in India

Theme Activity for Preschoolers 

This exercise has numerous subjects such as painting, art, and paper crafting, as well as gardening. In this area, parents have a wide range of preschool activities at homes to choose from for doing at home. For example, students might be asked to use these colorful paper pieces to paste into the shape of flowers or a house, make butterflies, or build gardens. They can also be taught to create art using handprints.

Kitchen Activity for Preschoolers do this Preschool Activities At Home

Children are exposed to some common fruits and vegetables in this part. Some preschool teach children how to prepare basic burgers and sandwiches at their homes. This is not only entertaining but also educational, since kids are thrilled to be able to make a sandwich with their own hands.

The Art Project

It boosts and develops a child's artistic abilities, resulting in the overall growth of the child's perceptive and analytical mentality. They are free to use their imaginations and paint with colors to create anything their hearts desire. This exercise also includes collage and clay modeling in addition to drawing and painting. Best Preschool Education In India

Activity for Music Lesson

Preschoolers are introduced to simple musical instruments and encouraged to create their instruments using objects that can be found around the house. It helps kids appreciate music by bringing out their originality and inventiveness. They are also taught musical alphabets as well as the basics of the pitch.

Lesson Activity in Science

This begins with gardening, and gradually the ability to examine natural phenomena that occur around them, as well as the operation of small instruments or machines, is implanted. It stimulates curiosity and a drive to learn more. They learn logical reasoning and have hands-on experience creating simple instruments like a telephone out of two cups and a rope or cable, which makes preschool learning even more enjoyable.

Connect-the-dots with letters

This exercise will get your kids up and active, as well as their creative juices, flowing. When you draw a handful of repeated letters in random patterns down a length of butcher's paper, it transforms into good old connect-the-dots. Kids may link the letters any way they choose, as long as all of the G's are connected to the other G's, and so on.

Alphabet ball

This literacy project requires only a beach ball and a sharpie. Simply draw letters on the beach ball, distributing them evenly. To begin, have the child (or group of children) throw the ball into the air and then catch it, identifying which letter is facing them. For a more sophisticated variation, have them speak the letter sound or a word that starts with that letter.


Young minds are quick to pick up new information and are very committed to doing these preschool activities at home. As a result, it's important that you teach them the suitable lessons at the suitable times and in a suitable manner. Creative Preschool Activities at Home allow children to explore their imaginations about their world, building motivation and self-confidence.


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