What is Virtual School ?

"virtual school" is used to refer to schools that offer most or all of their courses online. Read below to learn more about the various courses and programs offered at these reputable online schools.

In March 2020, Junior DPS moved to virtual teaching and learning to meet the challenge of continuing to provide quality education to students in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual school model is designed to meet the needs of students by providing innovative learning paths in an online environment. Our teachers integrate the latest academic practices with advanced user-friendly technology tools to make online learning seamless. Also Read About Top 10 Preschool Brand In India

Junior DPS has steadily shifted to a blended learning mode to ensure that students learn in the best way possible and that there are no learning gaps during these challenging times. Virtual booths are set up in every classroom and classes are streamed live for students who attend classes online. Experiments are streamed live from the lab to help students better understand the processes involved.
The commitment of teachers and unwavering support of parents has enabled us to provide our students with personalized learning experiences and embrace new ways of learning. Blended learning has become a rich and transformative experience for both students and teachers. Check Here :- Best Preschool In Delhi

1. Teacher-led curriculum and instructional programs overcome the challenges of blended virtual school classrooms and take advantage of virtual teaching.
2. Schools offer virtual classrooms using Microsoft Teams for Education, which provides many apps and tools for all teachers and students.
3. All classrooms are equipped with necessary settings for combined education.
4. Using Exam.net, a secure virtual exam portal and Microsoft Teams, the school successfully conducted regular and unit tests, assessments and semester exams for all students. Teachers provide timely and effective feedback to students by using these tools to improve the learning process.

5. Students are actively learning through a variety of virtual learning tools such as OneNote, Class Notebook, Sway, Adobe Spark, Stream, Yammer, SharePoint, Flipgrid, Polly, MindMeister, Prezi, Quizizz, Kahoot, Socrative and Whiteboard . I in like fi. Teachers use various tools such as Karma, No Hands, Classkick and ClassDojo to improve classroom interaction and peer learning. The virtual environment also enables teachers and students to explore creative content development using Adobe Spark for Education.
6. In addition to online classes, the school also facilitates asynchronous learning by sending pre-recorded lessons, PowerPoint presentations, audio-visual resources, supplementary readings, assignments and worksheets.
7. Morning meetings, dance and music classes are held online, and participation in festivals and online cultural competitions is encouraged and supported by professors.Looking For a Virtual School

Advantages and disadvantages of virtual school

Completing training courses through a virtual school has many advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, which one is better comes down to personal preference.

Advantage of virtual school

One of the advantages of virtual school is flexibility. Plus, you don't have to travel to the classroom. Aside from convenience, students can also work at their own pace while participating in programs that may not be available due to location or schedule. Costs are also reduced because students do not have to pay for room and board.

Disadvantages of Virtual School

Virtual school also have drawbacks, such as the need for self-discipline on the part of students to complete lessons. Students must also have access to a personal computer with a high-speed Internet connection. Additionally, students enrolled in a virtual school do not enjoy the benefits and social interactions that campus life offers.Also Check This Article :- WHAT IS CIRCLE TIME IN PRESCHOOL AND HOW IT BENEFITS YOUR CHILDREN

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