How Does a Playschool Help Teach Vital Life Skills to Children

Every child is born naïve and totally unaware of the world. But as the little ones grow up, they start attaining the life skills which aid them in their overall development and keep them steady along their journey to adulthood. Ability to communicate, listen, care for others, work in groups, etc. are some of the primary life skills that every child learns during the early years of life. And it is here that the role of a preschool gains prominence.

A preschool is the first place where children get to spend maximum time besides their home. It is a preschool where children start gaining an understanding of the outside world. As such, a preschool indeed plays a critical role in determining the pace of growth of the young minds and aids their development by instilling them with vital life skills. It is these life skills that help to strengthen the foundation for their future years.

Here are some of the ways through which a playschool turns out to be immensely influential in inculcating the essential life skills in children:

Ability to Express

Expression is the key to communication. If a child learns to express himself/herself by being able to identify and name the emotions properly, half of the problems get over. Verbal communication is considered the most easily comprehensible mode of communication and it is widely understood by all. Hence, the development of the ability to express emotions is significant for every child. Playschools are of much importance when it comes to making the children expressive. Besides the influence of the other children, playschool activities generally comprise of special games and fun-filled moments where children learn to verbalize their emotions, connect with other kids and the teachers, sing rhymes, recite stories, and a lot more. These little acts help to make a big difference in opening up the ability of young minds to express themselves clearly and precisely.  

Ability to Communicate Effectively

From making eye contact to uttering words relevant to the situation, communication is a wholesome package of several acts and facts. Depending on the age, every child is expected to communicate at a certain level. At a preschool, children are engaged in activities like sharing their daily experiences, telling stories, or conversing with teachers and friends, all of which help to enhance the kids’ ability to communicate effectively.

Ability to Listen

Learning starts with listening. Listening is an act that demands a little more than hearing. It involves a certain level of concentration, focus, and comprehension. Hence, for kids, listening is of equal importance like conversing. At a preschool, when teachers communicate with the children in attractive ways, it not just attracts them to listen carefully to what is being told but also helps to keep them glued to the discussions, stories, etc.

We, at Junior DPS, believe that teaching the kids the vital life skills is imperative, and should ideally begin at an early age. And though each child holds immense potential to learn and grow, what they need is a little support and guidance to help them successfully walk the path. This is why we, at Junior DPS, have carved our curriculum in such a way that it not only helps to evoke the love for learning in young minds but also helps to equip them with the essential skills, moral, and values. At Junior DPS, the Best Play School Franchise in India, every child is provided the space to grow at its own pace, and it is this aspect that aids their growth into beautifully bloomed flowers.