How to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Your Pre-Schooler?

Emotion is the one virtue that differentiates the rest of the species on earth from the human race. With evolution, the human brain has developed the emotional senses most strongly. It associates us with the feeling like love, compassion, empathy, etc. that are known as the pillars of a well-founded character. Hence, the development of all these senses, along with the nourishment of the emotional quotient of the brain, is of paramount importance.

Especially during the formative years, when children start learning through experiences, emotional intelligence plays a critical role in balancing the overall growth of children. Here are some of the ways through which you can make your child emotionally intelligent and pave the way for him/her towards becoming a humble and responsible human being tomorrow.

Appreciate and encourage the kid’s perspective

Venting out emotions is an important part of being emotionally sound. All humans, and especially children, who are more sensitive than elders, need a safe and trustworthy place to vent out their emotions. If you can be that person for your child, it would aid them in becoming all the more thoughtful and empathetic by learning the qualities of empathizing from you. Hence, the more you will act with kindness, the more the emotional potential of the child would be nurtured. When a child feels being understood, it always opens up its emotions freely, which will also help you to route their views and perspectives in the right direction for flawless emotional intelligence nourishment.

Allow the kids to express

Emotions are largely associated with the right expressions. Without expression, you can never get hold of an emotion that is either exhilarating or tormenting your child’s mind. Therefore, it is always better to let them express instead of being numb. The way a child expresses will surely differ from the adult ways of doing so. But, you have to be cooperative and patient to listen to every word and understand the feelings that are dominating the little mind. This helps in developing the feeling of confidence and self-belief, which is integral for holistic brain development and nourishment of intelligence.

Let them be theproblem-solvers

If your child has a trifle problem regarding friends, acquaintances, or studies, let him/her deal with the same and find a way out. This will help the child to nurture a part of its brain that controls logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. This will also help the children to manage their feelings which are critical for emotional intelligence development. If you notice that your child is developing a biased behavioral pattern, teach him/her to be neutral in a friendly way. You can also play it out and let your child redirect its orientation without even making the kid conscious of the ongoing efforts.

At Junior DPS, one among the top 10 preschool franchise in India,we firmly believe that emotional intelligence is an essential aspect of one’s character, and the best time to work on developing the same is the preschool age. This is the reason why we, at Junior DPS, always make sure that each of our students receives equal attention and that they get an opportunity to express themselves through the interactive classes, story-telling sessions, and group activity programs. Our progressive curriculum accommodates enough space for the emotional intelligence development of the child, which we consider as the pillar for character building of the young minds.