How to Teach Your Little One to Refrain from Hitting Others

Does your child abruptly hauls back or impulsively smacks other children? Well, of course, for any growing kid, hitting, kicking, or biting are all part and parcel of their normal behavioral patterns. It is during the childhood years that they learn physical aggressions and impulsive emotions that trigger such behaviors. As such, it becomes a responsibility of parents to try and teach their children to inhibit their natural impulse to hit when they get upset. But before taking any step, it is important that you know what could be causing your little slugger’s aggressive behavior? Is it possible to prevent it or for better, stop it forever?

We understand it is quite a challenge for parents to make the kids aware of their impulsive behavior and teach them what should be done. It is, in fact, quite common for the parents to react to the child’s behavior by yelling or punishing them. best preschool franchise in india, But this is exactly what you must NOT DO! This is because reacting to your child’s behavior in a harsh or negative way can stop the behavior momentarily but is ineffective in changing the behavior in the long-term.

So what can be done to change the behavior and guide them towards learning appropriate behaviors? Here are some effective ways in which you can teach your little ones to refrain from hitting others.

Stop the behavior 

The first thing to do when your child hits someone is to take immediate action to stop it then and there. Remove your child from the place immediately or block his/her hands from hitting you or the other child. You can also prevent such hitting, whenever possible by staying close and connected to your child to monitor his/her mood. This way, your child is less likely to outburst and lash out at others.

Stay calm and in control

When you find your child getting tensed or hitting others, you move in closely and say ‘stop’ in a firm tone but not with anger. When you react with anger, you are indeed modeling a negative behavior which you actually want your child to get rid of. Yelling or hitting your child in anger will do no good, and, in fact, does the exact opposite of what you want your little one to learn. Always stay calm and model self-regulation by lowering your voice and blowing out your tension through appropriate behavior.

Teach empathy

While kids can hit playfully or because they get mad at others, either way, they are looking for something to vent out their feelings of anger or frustration. You can explain to your kids that it is ok to feel like that but not okay to hit. Teaching them empathy towards others is one way to stop such aggressive behavior. You can let your child know how his/her behavior impacts others. But avoid blaming the child or making him/her feel like the ‘bad’ guy.

Tell your child what TO DO

You can let your child reflect on better ways to handle aggressive feelings. Allow him/her to explore alternatives such as calling the parents or walking away from a situation or stomping his/her feet. Teach the kid appropriate behaviors and anything that doesn’t hurt others is well and good to do. Above all, make sure to praise and reward your little one for any appropriate behavior he/she portrays.

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