Junior DPS – Where Learning is All about Fun!

Pre-schoolers are just maturing toddlers who need the right blend of play and learning to support their childhood development. Preschool education can be a stepping stone for kids to learn and grow. Since children go through a time of tremendous physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development during this phase, it is necessary to make preschool learning more engaging and productive for them. In that sense, we, at Junior DPS, come as a perfect platform to aid your child’s development and cater to their very needs of creativity and learning through innovative ways.

Preschool education can seem to be a small step but is indeed a giant leap in the children’s journey of learning. It is the ‘first home’ away from home. The knowledge imparted during these early years plays a vital role in shaping not only the intellectual aspects of children but their every aspect of cognitive and physical development as well. This is why it is imperative to ensure that your child’s first years of schooling are filled with wondrous moments, and a fun-filled learning environment can make it all the more memorable and worthy.

Preschool LearningHelps Shape the Personality of Children

It is through fun-filled learning that children gain a keen sense of individuality. Whatever taught during these formative years shapes them into individuals with a strong personality. Indeed, preschool is the place where teachers and parents together can help kids satiate their impressible and curious minds. When taught in a playful manner, kids get a chance to not only learn but also hone their creative skills and explore their innate talents, which thereby helps to refine their overall personality.

Preschool Learning is Fun

A preschool is meant for joyful learning, and there is never a dull moment there. Kids get to learn in a fun-filled environment, where they get to play in the sandpit, toy around with different objects, learn rhymes through actions, and much more, all of which are creative ways to engage kids in the preschool environment. Also, preschool learning comes with activities that allow kids to play and learn simultaneously. Anything from coloring with crayons and clay modeling to building blocks with alphabets allows kids to learn through ways that interest them. The fun Learning approach is a holistic pedagogical strategy that makes learning more engaging, gratifying, and effective in young kids. We, at Junior DPS, understand that learning with fun promotes a lifestyle of lifelong learning in children and have hence carefully integrated the same into our pedagogy.

At Junior DPS, we have carved a vibrant yet robust learning environment where our preschool pedagogy forms a milestone in children’s holistic growth and development. We provide world-class learning environ and a global standard curriculum that maximizes the cognitive development of the young buds during the early childhood years. The rich, stimulating, fun-filled environment at Junior DPS satisfies the learning needs of children and paves the way to boost the development of their social, emotional, and academic skills.

We have deliberately created our curriculum in such a manner that it encourages the kids to learn with all the five senses. We engage them in creative practices and extracurricular activities such as animation classes, yoga, personality development sessions, special math classes, and more. Our curriculum is specially designed to follow an engaging pattern of learning, nevertheless keeping the interests of children high and stimulated. Our ultimate vision is to encourage the creative development of children while at the same time, bridge the gaps between knowledge acquisition and basic skills development in children.

Moreover, we, at Junior DPS, understand that parent participation is an integral part of learning. Wehence ensures that the parents of each of our pupils are aware of their child’s cognitive development, behavior patterns, and overall development. Junior DPS leaves no stones unturned when it comes to putting the focus on academic learning and skills development equally. We stand as one of the Top 10 preschool franchise in India and are willing to extend our unique approach to preschool education all across the nation. We are hence looking forward to expanding our venture by inviting franchise partners to join the crew, along with the 120 existing franchises, to grow the pool even further. If you have entrepreneurial dreams, Junior DPS franchise could be the perfect opportunity to sail high in terms of success. We, as a renowned preschool chain, are determined to bring a revolutionary change, giving a new dimension and outlook to preschool education. Join in the mission as our franchise partner! Visit https://www.juniordps.com/top-10-preschool-franchises/ for details.