Empower your child with 21st Century Skills.

Live 1:1 Classes with Computer Science Experts

Keeping this in mind the curriculum is created for the students between the age groups of 6-16. The 1:1 classes provided by Tekie fosters individual attention towards the individual steps and the facilitator can understand the learner better.

About Tekie

Tekie is among the leading coding class providers. Providing the best and the finest coding classes in collaboration with Junior DPS. In the emerging technological world coding is the much-needed aspect of every parent looking for their child. Coding opens up a new window of opportunity to the child in the contemporary world. Creative learning through coding will help the child to dive into the vast ocean of opportunities stored upfront.

A creatively crafted curriculum helps the child to explore the various aspects of the technological world. The curriculum focuses on the various coding languages like Blockly and Python. At the same time, the focus is also laid on the Logic and Algorithm too which is very crucial for the development of an early learner.