Teacher Training – A Vital Element at Junior DPS

Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops. – Henry Brooks Adam

The contribution of a teacher influences a student’s wellbeing beyond our ordinary understanding and interpretation. The way the teachers influence the tender minds of children is a tough one to crack for anyone else. We, at Junior DPS, very well understand this fact, and this is exactly why apart from offering our students with an advanced curriculum, world-class teaching aids, and the most contemporary learning facilities, we also ensure providing our valuable students with highly experienced, dedicated, and cooperative team of teachers.

With our years of experience in the world of education, we, at Junior DPS Public School, the best play school franchise in India, have figured out that educators and coaches serve as the primary foundation, based on which the future identity, nature, psyche, and ultimate academic performance of children are shaped. Therefore, we significantly stress on high-quality training of each of our teachers at Junior DPS and count the same as an extremely important section of knowledge impartation in each of our franchises.

Students Require Acute Nurturing During the Early Stages

We, at JuniorDPS, take up astute and proven approaches when it comes to education impartation. We are well aware that students require more intense guidance and mentorship when they are at their early ages. This is the phase when their learning tendencies and capabilities are at the peak. We thus do not leave any stones unturned when it comes to delivering our pupils with the finest training, guidance, and mentorship.

To ensure that each of our teachers in every single franchise of ours stands in line with our vision and mission, we, at JuniorDPS, impart a full-fledged in-house training of three months to all our teachers where they are made aware of the DPS organizational values, methods, pedagogical approaches, and philosophies. The methods and strategies ensure that the selected teachers are specifically capable of teaching, managing, and connecting with young children and can profoundly reach out to each child who is in need of attention.

Top Highlights of the Teacher Training Strategies at Junior DPS

The content of teacher’s training at Junior DPS is reflective of our goal of delivering the best-in-class education to the young buds. It encompasses basic and extensive areas such as teaching pedagogies, teaching quality, methodologies, roles, and responsibilities of teachers, ethics, and ethos of Junior DPS, curriculum objectives, and more. Teachers across Junior DPS franchises also receive training based on multiple modes which help them attain an accurate overview of what exactly their roles and responsibilities are. There are options for teachers to revise the practice at their own pace online, but we conduct a direct face to face training session which is compulsory for all teachers to attend. Also, we provide a well-structured training plan for each staff member via which they can attain step by step hands-on guidance. We have a detailed teacher’s training curriculum, which is highly detail-oriented and ensures that none of the areas is left behind.

In-depth Emphasis on Professional Development of Teachers

We, as one of the most reputed preschool chain in the nation, aim to have an army of the best educators in the industry, who possess the ability to contribute value to the overall development and progress of students, and our teacher trainer approach is helping us achieve just that.  Our teacher training methodologies are focused on enabling professional level development of our teachers, which involve pushing the boundaries of mere traditional style of coaching and instructing. With the world-class training, we try to brush the areas where teachers can influence students’ potentials beyond academic aspects, and help them become enthusiastic and independent learners in the long-run. With the help of professional-level training, we prepare educators who are courageous enough to take up inventive and collaborative approaches to impart knowledge to students in the finest ways.

Today, we, at Junior DPS, feel extremely gratified to have a team of teachers who are known for being extremely approachable, co-operative, and supportive not only to children but also guardians. At Junior DPS, we maintain a liberal mindset and attitude when it comes to shaping the future of our tiny tots, and have put in committed efforts to carve a vibrant learning environment where teachers support the young buds as the strongest pillars in their growth.  We are looking forward to expanding the Junior DPS franchise network throughout the nation so that more and more kids can benefit from our global standard education framework and our widening pool of skilled, committed, and passionate educators. For further details on joining our franchise network, visit https://www.juniordps.com/franchise-with-us/