Tips to Foster Independence in Preschoolers

The preschool years are a great time of growth for children. It is this time when their development is at its peak, and they are in the process of gaining all the intellectual, social-emotional, and cognitive skills. However, along with all the other essential skills, it is equally important that they also learn to grow independent. The more they learn during their preschool years, the better it is. A crucial role in fostering independence among young minds is played by the parents. The way the parents groom the kids and interact with them makes a huge difference in instilling independence in them.

What we, at Junior DPS, a leading preschool franchise, have seen is that most parents, when confronted with the idea of fostering independence in their children, show a lot of concern about the right way to do it. So, here in this article today, we are sharing a few ideas that can help parents to foster independence in their children so as to develop in them the resilience to tackle life’s challenges ahead.

Keep teaching new skills

Preschool years can be a good time to start teaching new skills to your kids. Sometimes it may seem easier to do it yourselves rather than teaching them the actions and clear the mess later. Teaching the child simple chores like learning to eat, dress, or bathe on their own can be too annoying to handle in the start. But honestly, it is much better to not do these things for them and instead allow them to do it themselves. Understand that every time you do something for your kids for your convenience or to make their work easier, you are doing a disservice to them. To raise a child who is capable and independent, it is necessary to first train them up that way.

Let them make choices

Whether it is about deciding what to wear, when to play, or where to play, let your kids make their own choices. As their parents, you can surely plan out the activities and organize things for them to see, but then allow them to choose from the choices you give. This way, they will gain the ability to decide on what they want to do for themselves. It is like telling them indirectly that they are competent enough to choose for themselves and they can make good decisions as well.

Make them experience success and failure

Most often, parents tend to be too protective and miss out the need to take risks and face failure. If a child wants to know how much he is capable of, he/she must learn to do things without help. Just as much as success is important for children to boost their confidence, failure is also equally needed to instill in them the resilience to fight back and grow. Hence, next time, when you see your little one struggling with something, just step back for a while and let him explore his actual abilities.

At Junior DPS, ranked among the top 5 preschool franchise in India, we firmly believe that for appropriate growth of children into responsible, independent individuals, it is necessary that the seeds are sown right during their preschool years.  To help the kids and the parents instill the crucial trait of independence among the young buds, we, at Junior DPS, have carved our teaching methodology and learning environment in such a manner that it lays the foundation for their holistic development. We follow a unique teaching pedagogy and comprehensive, child-centric lesson plans that encourage independent thought process in kids. At Junior DPS, we strive to cater well to the fundamental developmental needs of every child, with special focus on inculcating life skills and basic mannerisms with sheer honesty and care.