Yoga for Kids – A Wonderful Activity to Calm Down Little Minds

As far as the development of children is concerned, physical activities have almost always been given high significance just as much as the studies, as they equally contribute to the growth and sharpening of the young minds. In fact, sports activities or any other form of exercises are known to augment the learning process by improving certain qualitative parameters that are directly attached with the well-being of mental health of kids. Of all the forms of sports and physical activities, yoga is surely the one that has been considered as the most effective and useful to keep the body and mind in cohesion and healthy. Research has revealed that it is an assimilation of both cerebral exercisings through studies and physical exercising through yoga practices that the best results can be attained. We, at Junior DPS, ranked among the Top 5 play school franchise in India, have thus introduced yoga classes for our pupils, and here are some of the benefits of yoga that we believe are extremely beneficial in aiding the kids in their growth and development:

Enhances one’s level of concentration

Yoga indeed has a direct connection with the level of concentration. Every posture of yoga entangles the right way to inhale and exhale, which improves the process of oxygen supply to the brain and the rest of the body. The apt amount of oxygen supply to the brain helps in increasing the cognitive power of the brain cells, thereby improving its efficiency. This, in turn, helps to increase the level of concentration making the child more attentive in studies. Yoga also helps in boosting the level of motivation by augmenting patience in kids. The little minds can thus be trained to stay calm and work efficiently minus any hassle with yoga moves.

Improves physiological coordination

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of physical activity, aiming at effective coordination between all the moves of the body to establish cohesion. Though the different parts of the body like the brain, the muscles, the lymphatic organs, the neurological organs, and the circulatory organs seem to act in separation from each other, they are actually related through a seamless cord. Studies reveal that yoga has the power to keep every organ coordinated with each other, and thereby helping the body to perform well, making the children healthy and fit.

Enhances agility

With the reduced numbers of playgrounds in the urban areas, children do not get adequate space to play and practice physical activities these days. To keep the agility of the body and mind of the tiny tots unaltered, yoga can be made into a regular part of their routine. Apart from keeping the little ones engaged in physical movements, yoga will also help them learn discipline and healthy postures leading to a healthy and fit life ahead.

Strength enhancer

Regular yoga practices have been found to have an impact on the overall strength of the body. If a child is weak and suffers from less appetite, yoga can be a solution to this problem. The daily practice sessions and the flawless methods of inhaling and exhaling help the muscles to develop and get strengthened.

Boosts immunity

We have heard many parents complaining that their children keep falling sick frequently. Lack of immunity may be the reason behind such random health hazards. One of the best ways to boost immunity would be to augment the diet chart with enough nutrient-rich food items along with regular yoga practices that would enhance the assimilation of the nutrients into the body making it fortified against infections.

We at Junior DPS believe that education breathes through wellness of the mind, and the same largely depends on the physical activities like yoga. A growth process encompassing physical, as well as mental enrichment, is a must for the development of children, and the same should be initiated right in the early years. Our pioneering attempt to introduce yoga classes at Junior DPS for the little ones was planned with the aim to make every kid physically fit at the first hand. We believe that if the foundation can be built stronger, the success stories can be written effortlessly.